1. Just something I wanted to get off my chest

  2. Having a super good bible study with my buddy. Worship him, praise him, study him no matter where you are

  3. Daily reminder

    So just the other day my girlfriend and I of 1 year decided to end it and let God strengthen us more to mold us back together, and come back to where were both happy. Just remember whenever your in time of doubt, break up, or anything negative dont resort back to those negative things. Give it all to him, and let him ease your heart and situation. It can only get better with God at your side. #HeDeservesMyHighestPraise

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  4. God.. move me forward </3 #jesusismyeverything (Taken with Instagram)

  6. Am I the only one who wouldnt mind going to church here lol? #sosick #dreamchurch (Taken with Instagram)

  7. How i feel like half our youth should actually be saying it. People throw Love around almost as easy as changing clothes and its ridiculous. Dont say the words unless you know God wants you to speak them.


  8. Daily Reminder

    Last night my church had a combined service with 3 other churches that I went to camp with in June, and man the worship, the people, and the presence of God was so heavy I can’t even began to explain. We were taught that even when we like to believe that we can solve our own problems and face our own battles, that were setting ourselves up for failure. It is a fact, and has been proven on many occasions that if you give any circumstance, or problem your facing to God he WILL help you come through that phase, and will help you conquer the problems that lay upon your walk with Him. He wants us fully not half way. So when your stuck in a rut or feel like there’s no way of coming out„ pray to Him. His ears are always open :) ♥

  9. Amen to that. Its not up to us to predict or understand. Hes already got a plan. Give it to him..

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  10. Such an amazing beautiful song..